Welcome to my blog!

So, I decided to start a blog. Another mum blog to be precise, apologies in advance!

My name is Emma Mitchell and since trying to conceive my first baby I have noticed that conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood seems to be a world of its own! A world, I currently know barley anything about and am venturing into for the first time. Pretty much alone may I add, apart from my wonderful Mr Mitchell. I thought through starting this blog I could document my journey, write about my personal experiences and if I happen to be able to help any other mums, or dads, along the way then great! Almost a diary if you like, with a goal in mind.

Mr & Mrs Mitchell

I live on the South Coast in a seaside town, not as picturesque as it sounds mind you, but it’s been my home since I was born, and I love living here. I live with Mr Mitchell and we are currently expecting our first baby, due on the 9th of December, 2018. Exciting times ahead, I hope to document in this blog.


I love all things baby related, but I also have a lifelong love of making lists! So, I plan to include any tips I find, organisational hacks and most likely the odd list in my blog as well!


I hope you continue to read my blog…


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Weaning – Batch Cooking

Homemade food was our go to, when deciding how to wean little man. I wanted to know exactly what he was having, introduce and mix flavours as and when I wanted and save money (it’s also considerably cheaper). I’ve really enjoyed the process, right from prepping the food to watching him enjoy mummies cooking! It’s oddly satisfying. So I thought I would share with you how I go about batch cooking for him.


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First Tastes

We decided to take a vegetable first approach to weaning, with a mixture of traditional weaning and baby led weaning (offering purees, followed by finger foods to explore). We were going to introduce a new flavour every 2 days. The more varieties of veg little ones wean with, the more tastes they’ll love (Ella’s Kitchen).

We wanted to focus on building a positive relationship with food, right from the beginning. With eating being a fun experience, full of exploration and excitement. On the build up to weaning, we introduced Thomas highchair, as a place to enjoy. We let him play in it and sit with us at the dinner table, enjoying family time.


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Getting Weaning Ready

Get Weaning Ready with me…

On the build up to weaning, I couldn’t help but feeling quite anxious. As a first time mum, I didn’t really have a clue about how to wean or what to feed little man. I’ve always been someone who has struggled with food, i’m so fussy and I wanted to give Thomas’ the best start.

Don’t get me wrong, I was also really excited, it’s such a big step and its amazing watching them grow and explore new things. I’m definitely not an expert on food and nutrition, however I did my fair share of research before starting, and this is what we chose to do and why.

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Thomas’ First Holiday – Come take a look around

Sun, sea, sand and well lets be honest…food, is usually what I look for on a holiday. However, when we were searching for a place to take Thomas’ on his first holiday, there was much more to consider. I was very anxious about the destination and resort we took Thomas too, as he was only just 5 months old. I always look for reviews before I go, to get a feel for the place and we ended up making a brilliant choice and having a fantastic time. So, I thought I would share our holiday and hotel experience with you, so you can get a feel for The Blue Lagoon Princess, in Kalives, Halkidiki, Greece.

Photo from TUI website

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5 Airport Tips – Travelling with baby

Navigating the airport with a baby was actually much easier than I expected. Despite the fact, security was the most stressful part of the holiday! Unfortunately, this was my fault. I spent too much time worrying about Thomas and all of his things and ended up setting the alarm off myself. This meant we spent a lot longer than anticipated going through and little man started to get very hungry! Luckily, we got through just in time, before things got really loud! Here are 5 tips, for making the experience less stressful.


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What to pack – Travelling with baby

Lets face it, you need to take a lot when travelling with a baby! It can be quite a daunting experience. To make the packing process easier, I decided to write a list and break it down into sections such as feeding, sleeping, clothing etc. Writing a list this way, made the packing process much easier and we didn’t forget anything!

I you would like to find out what we took with us and why, keep on reading. You can also see a copy of my list at the end of the blog.


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10 Packing Hacks – Travelling with baby

As someone who has only ever been able to travel during the school holidays, we decided to make the most of my maternity leave and book a reasonably priced holiday!

Once Thomas was born and the holiday was getting closer, I started to panic… we were going to have to pack a lot! I have never been one to pack light, so I knew I needed to find some ways to make packing, and travelling with a 5 month old, easier.

These are some of the packing hacks I found and used for little mans first holiday.

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Get holiday ready with me – in 5 easy steps

‘Tans fade, but memories last a lifetime’

As a new Mum, you don’t often have time for self care. Before little man was born, I used to love doing my nails and having a good pamper session. Now I find whenever I have any time to myself… which is very rare…I fill it with chores or taking the opportunity to sleep!

We’re about to go on our first holiday with Thomas and I decided to use this opportunity, as an excuse, to have some well needed me time. I mean after all, getting holiday ready is part of the excitement!

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