Our Journey

Pregnancy Journey

Just a girl who decided to go for it.  

Deciding to try for a baby is one of the most exciting yet daunting experiences you will ever go through. Are you ever truly ready? Probably not. Myself and Mr Mitchell decided to start trying for our first baby in September 2017, after I had surgery to remove my endometriosis. We were told that if we wanted a family it may not be as easy as we would like it to be, and that the greatest chance of conception was now. Post-surgery and young. Since meeting we both shared the same dream, that our future would involve a family. Mr Mitchell was especially keen to have a baby. In fact, he was ready before I was to start this journey.  So, we decided to go for it.

Engagement Photo Shoot

Conception Vitamins.

We were fully aware this may not be an easy journey for us, as I had been diagnosed with endometriosis. (I will create a blog about this in the near future, keep checking my page). But we were very excited to start making our dreams come true. At first, we just went for it. I started taking some conception vitamins to ensure my body was as healthy as it could be. Something I could probably continue to work on! I decided on the Pregnacare Vitabiotics Conception. These vitamins are specifically designed to support a healthy conception and contain 400mg of folic acid, which is especially important for a healthy conception and during the first trimester. I enjoyed taking these, it felt like a physical act to help me get pregnant.

Pregnacare Vitabiotics Conception

My first period came 🙁. I don’t know why, but as much as I was aware this could be a very long journey, I was very disappointed. My periods always suck anyway due to, well, it’s a period … and the endometriosis is just the cherry on top. So, to cheer myself up, I decided I would look into conception. I just love a bit of research and list making! I’m so glad I did, there is so much support out there, and I honestly didn’t know much at all about how everything works, mainly ovulation and how important timing is. This would give me the best chance at having out little pea.

 !Did you know…

There is about a 7-day window in each monthly cycle that you can conceive?

An average egg only lives about 24 hours once released? This is the crucial moment.

However, sperm can live for up to 7 days inside your body! So, you can make sure there is enough ready for ovulation.

(I will create a post with tips for your TTC journey, keep checking my page)

 Ovulation App

I used a period and ovulation tracker to help me figure out when my 7-day chance (as I called it) would be. I found the free app ‘Flo’ really helpful. I think I will continue to use this app once my baby is here, to help me keep track of my periods. I’m not going to lie; I found the process fun. Making lots of opportunities for baby making! We decided to keep the journey to ourselves, only telling a few people. We didn’t want people asking us every month if I was pregnant yet. It felt like an exciting secret.

A Chemical Pregnancy 

In January, I ordered some pregnancy tests. Some cheap ones from amazon. Probably the worst mistake I made. I was just excited and was already finding the two weeks wait after ovulation and my expected period, a nightmare. I decided to start testing randomly after I had ovulated. It may sound strange, but I loved taking the tests! I think I got slightly addicted. Then I got a positive. I was so shocked! I had not expected it at all, we hadn’t been trying for long and I couldn’t believe my luck. I wasn’t long into the two weeks wait, so I couldn’t believe it was showing a positive already. It was such early days, we had no idea if it was real or not, but we couldn’t help feeling a little bit excited. I was pregnant. Then my period came. I was so confused and upset. Was it a false positive? Was it a miscarriage? Had I done something wrong? I did some googling, and we think I had what is known as a chemical pregnancy. It’s one that pretty much ends before it’s started. It happens very early on and is incredibly common. Most women don’t even know, because it happens before their missed period, so doesn’t usually cause a problem. I shouldn’t have tested too early, and I made a promise to Mr Mitchell I wouldn’t do another pregnancy test until I was sure my period was late, to avoid this disappointment and upset again.

Ovulation sticks and the dreaded two week wait.

After the disappointment, I decided I would order some ovulation sticks to help pinpoint when I was ovulating and most fertile. I once again ordered some cheap ones from amazon that seemed to do the job. I used my ‘Flo’ app to track my 7-day chance and then used the ovulation sticks every day during this, to help work out my most fertile window. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed doing the ovulation tests! I got so excited when I could see I was ovulating and loved putting all the dates into lists!.

After the positive ovulation test it would be onto the two week wait. Am I pregnant? This could be the month? As much as I tried to put it to the back of my mind I so desperately wanted it to have worked, it did consume a lot of my thoughts, even when I was busy at work. Then I would start getting pregnancy symptoms. I must be pregnant this time. Then my period would come. It honestly felt like a smack in the face, not only was I not pregnant, but then I had to have my period. It’s so cruel, so many of the very early symptoms of pregnancy are the same as the symptoms you get with your period and your so heightened looking out for them.

One Step Ovulation Test

The 6 month mark. 

Each month that went by was harder than the one before. I wondered how long this journey was going to last? Were we going to be able to conceive naturally? Were we going to be able to conceive at all? We had only been trying for 6 months people try for years, but because of my endometriosis diagnosis I think I just assumed the worst.

But I was so wrong, and we were so lucky. 6 months was the magic number.



My next post will be my big fat positive! 


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