Motivation Monday – Under the sink

Motivation Monday

“A clean house, is a happy home”. 

It’s Monday again! Time to start a fresh new week… I know what you’re thinking, way to positive for a Monday morning…

I am currently signed off work with severe PGP (pelvic girdle pain) and recently diagnosed gestational diabetes, so my Monday’s are looking a little different at the moment compared to how they normally look. Due to these lovely pregnancy side effects, I’m finding motivation to do anything, is pretty tough. What with the pain, crutches and difficultly moving generally, I’m spending most of my time couped up at home resting. This has been having an effect on my mood, so I decided I would write a short list of things I would like to achieve this week. If I’m having a bad day, I won’t do anything simple. However, if I’m having a good day I will get my list out and hopefully get some bits ticked off.

Cleaning Time!

First on the list, tackling under the sink! 

It may be nesting, it may be madness, but I finally tackled the under sink cupboard. It desperately needed doing, as I had no idea what was in there and I couldn’t find anything. This is how I organised my under the sink cupboard:

Before ...


1. Get it all out!

I emptied the whole cupboard. I decided to sit on my gym ball to do this so that I wouldn’t have to kneel and hurt my hips further. I was shocked to find I barley had any cleaning products and half the bottles that were in there, were pretty much empty. The cupboard was also very sticky… :/

Get it all out!

2. Clean it!

I used my favourite cleaning product (my Method spray) to give all the shelves, sink and pipes a good clean, leaving it smelling amazing!

Clean it!

3. Throw it away!

I went through the pile on the floor, deciding what needed throwing out and what I could keep, being brutal (something I find tricky as I’m a bit of a hoarder). As I went through the items I took a mental note of what I need to add to my shopping list… lots.

4. New toys!

I got out my new purchases, ready to organise my cupboard! This may be sad, but this was very exciting. I have been looking for a cleaning caddy so that I can put my daily cleaning supplies in it, ready to carry around as and when needed. The cleaning caddy i found was in the sale for £1.99 in Sainburys! It’s a really good size and I liked the fact it was plastic, this will make it easy to keep clean.

You can never have too many plastic baskets. When I was in Tescos the other day they had a pack of 3 for 50p in the sale. I bought a couple of packs, I mean it would have been rude not too! I will most certainly find a purpose for all of these baskets.

While I was in Tescos I found some sticky back hooks for £1, always handy.

Finally, I ordered the cutest little box for storing my dishwasher tablets from ebay. It was around £8 but I love it!

New buys

5. Time to organise!

I organised my baskets and caddy into the following:

  • Dish washing supplies – sponges, clothes, spare washing up liquid etc.
  • Dishwasher supplies – salt, rinse aid, dishwasher cleaner etc.
  • Bin Bags
  • Cleaning supplies.

At the back of the cupboard I left the more specific items such as the oven cleaner and the floor cleaner etc.

I decided to attach the sticky hooks onto the inside of the door for everyday cleaning cloths. This has proved to be really handy while I’m standing at the sink or cleaning the kitchen and I can just reach in and grab the cloth I need.

6. Evidence!

Finally, I took a photo and sent it to Mr Mitchell feeling oddly satisfied with my achievement 😛.


I love looking at cleaning and organisation posts so I hope if you’re the same, you’ve found some motivation from this.


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