Pregnancy Journey

“I’m having a baby!”

It was month 5 of our TTC journey when me and Mr Mitchell decided to go away for valentines day. It was a good opportunity to talk through our plans. Originally we had decided we would have a month off over March. Neither of us thought a December baby would be practical and to be honest, I think we both needed a break from the disappointment.

While we were away, we decided we would continue trying. Both of us wanted a baby more than we didn’t want our Christmas plans being disturbed or the babies birthday to be close to Christmas. Sometimes I think and plan too much. It felt silly to miss out on a month trying, when this could be the month.  Mr Mitchell told me, “if it happens, it happens and it was meant to be”. So we left it like that.

Valentines 2017

March 2017

March was a busy month and we were lucky enough to go on our first holiday with a couple of our friends. We had an amazing few days away with them and enjoyed the much needed break. I was due to start my period towards the end of this holiday, and the holiday proved to be just what I needed to take my mind of the dreaded two week wait. I didn’t even fully notice when I was a couple of days late, thinking it was probably just late which was lucky as it meant I could continue to enjoy the holiday period free!

Time to take a test…

Once we were on the plane flying home I realised I was late and I realised the significance of this. I was feeling completely refreshed from my holiday and made a deal with myself, it’s OK to take a test this time and hope for the best, but you will not let it get you down.

So the next morning I woke up and went straight into the bathroom to take a test. I decided it was still only a few days late, so a cheap amazon test would do. If my period continued to be late I could always take a ClearBlue one in a few days. While I waited the two minutes, I couldn’t help but get excited. All your hopes and plans flood into your mind, my hand was shaking when I pulled the little strip back out the packet.

There was one line…


I sat down on the toilet and cupped my mouth! I honestly couldn’t believe it, my hands were shaking. Without thinking, I unwrapped another strip test and then the ClearBlue tests. I can’t be can I?


My mind was racing and I couldn’t stop smiling. I needed to tell Mr Mitchell! Way back when we first started trying for a baby, I had bought a couple of items to announce our pregnancy to him. Right from when we first started talking about children in our future, we had referred to them as our peas. I had a personalised box made for him and had found an adorable pea outfit. They were hidden deep at the back of my wardrobe.

Mr Mitchell was up making us a morning cuppa, so I quickly grabbed all the items and jumped into bed. I had the baby grow laid over my tummy, the little box ready for him and held the pregnancy test. He took ages…. or maybe it just felt that way. I was still shaking so much.

When he walked in he almost dropped the teas! “Really?!” he said. We were so excited and just spent the morning cuddling in bed and talking about things. He loved his little box. ‘You’re going to be a Daddy!’ it says, ‘Our first pea’.

We took some photos to document the day, safely storing them in a private facebook album so no one would see them. We knew there was a long way to go, we were both incredibly nervous but very excited, this time I was actually pregnant, I was having our baby. The doctors had warned us that we may need intervention due to my endometriosis, but we had done it. We had conceived our first pea and it had only taken 6 months.

I will never forget the day those tests turned positive. It was a good thing we kept trying throughout March, clearly it was meant to be.

I would love to hear about your big fat positive stories!



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