Pregnancy Journey


Deciding how to share our news was incredibly exciting. We decided after our private scan, at 7 weeks, that we were ready to tell our parents they were going to be grandparents!  I found some lovely mugs with Nan and Granddad on and we surprised them with them. I was so excited to share our news, but also nervous. It started to feel very real and I knew we still had a little way to go before we were out of the first trimester. But they are our nearest and dearest, and we wanted to share our journey with them. I will never forget their faces, I don’t think they were expecting it and we couldn’t have asked for a better response. I loved showing them the picture of our little pea, even if I did have to show my Dad which part was which!

Nan and Grandad

I also had to share the news with my favourite pooch! This is my parents gorgeous dog, Alfie. I’m not sure he knew what was going on with all the excitement, but he seemed very interested!


Only the best friends, get promoted to Aunty!

After our parents, we were excited to share the news with our best friends. I had these cards made on and absolutely loved them. I wish I had filmed them opening them, everyone’s reaction was priceless.

Telling people made me feel so proud, so excited. We felt very supported and happy.

Announcement friends 1

Announcement 2

It’s the circle of life!

We decided we wanted to wait until after our 12-week scan before we told everyone else. I was keen on doing a pregnancy announcement photo, much to Mr Mitchell’s dismay, and my friends were really up for it. We managed to persuade him, and we decided to re-enact an all-time great! The Lion King. I thought it would be funny and embarrassing to show it to our pea when they were older.




We bought a baby lion outfit, so I am sure these photos will be recreated once pea arrives.

I would like to thank all my friends for their crazy involvement, it was such a laugh and something I will always remember. Thank you for helping to make our announcement fun and special.


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