It’s a…

Pregnancy Journey

Pink or blue?

Since myself and Mr Mitchell have been together, we had always talked about having a family. We were both so over the moon to be expecting our pea, we didn’t mind if they were a boy or girl. Many people asked if we had a preference, and the truth is I didn’t. I just wanted our baby to be healthy. However, I had always imagined my first child being a boy.

We booked a private gender scan for just after 16 weeks. We were so excited that we couldn’t wait to find out. I totally understand and respect people who decide to wait until the big day to find out. But, both myself and Mr Mitchell couldn’t wait to find out. To plan for our child, whatever their gender was.

Boy or girl?

The sonographer squirted the gel on my tummy and started to check baby. She told us everything was how it should be, and baby was healthy and developing nicely. I still hadn’t felt baby move yet due to the position of my placenta, so this was very welcome news. Then she asked if we wanted to know the gender. Of course, we did!

It’s ….

“A textbook boy!” she said, pointing to the screen and between his legs. I could clearly see, but I couldn’t help myself saying, “really? Are you sure?” and she was. I was so happy and excited I burst into tears. My little pea was a baby boy.

Our baby boy scan photo

We were so excited about the news, that we stopped off at Mothercare on the way home and bought him his first outfit. A lovely little blue dungaree set and blue jacket. He felt so real, our little boy.

We announced the gender of our baby with some photos, capturing the special day. Everyone shared our excitement.

Baby boy

Baby boy

Mummy and Daddy can’t wait to meet you little man. I can’t believe we’re having a son.


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