The Second Trimester.

Pregnancy Journey

Suddenly, you were my everything!

The first trimester was hard and as I moved into the second trimester, I noticed a massive difference in how I was feeling. I felt more like me, the old, non pregnant me. In fact, apart from my lower back and hip aching at the end of a long day, I don’t think I had many symptoms at all, to start with.

I’m a qualified teacher, however I currently work as a learning support assistant in a reception class. I struggled a bit with the heat, while working in a school with all the hot children, but then again everyone did this year! I was very lucky to finish work and enjoy a summer holidays off! I felt so good, I even managed to go to London for the day, for a friends hen party, and enjoy some mocktails!

Baby moon…

I was doing so well, we even booked ourselves a holiday to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary and enjoy some quality time together, before baby. It was an amazing week away together and while we were away, I experienced baby moving for the first time. I will tell you more about this trip in my next blog…


Heart beats and list making…

At our 16 week appointment we were lucky enough to hear our babies heartbeat for the first time. It was magical, honestly the best sound. I felt so much relief listening to that little beat and couldn’t get over that it was actually our babies heart. Our 20 week anomaly scan went really well as well. I started to relax and begin to really enjoy my pregnancy, realising suddenly my little pea was my everything.

I decided it was time to start writing some lists, so we could begin getting prepared for baby. I wrote lists of the big buys and the nitty gritty things we would need. We even started to think about how we wanted the nursery. We went along to a Mothercare expectant parents event which was fantastic, I highly recommend. You can get some amazing information and deals.



Unfortunately, this is where things started to go downhill for me. Once I returned from our baby moon, the pain in my lower back and right hip just continued to get worse and worse. I couldn’t get comfortable sitting down, and it hurt more the more I walked. Paracetamol didn’t really touch it and it got to the point I was in tears from the pain. I went to the doctors and was diagnose with Pelvic Girdle Pain PGP (also known as SPD, symphysis pubis dysfunction). I was referred to start physio and prescribed some stronger pain medication.

The pain continued to get worse and worse. At one point it was so bad I could barley walk or get up off the toilet seat. Mr Mitchell had to help me with everything. The physio I began seeing was amazing. In the end, she prescribed me crutches and a support belt.

PGP has been horrendous, something I had never heard of before pregnancy. It has made things incredibly difficult, made my mood low, and almost trapped me at home. This is one of the reasons I started my blog.

Luckily, the pain killers, crutches and support belt has helped ease things a bit. I have good days and bad days and on my good days I try my best to get out if I can be with someone. A couple of hours out and about does wonders for my mood.

Living with PGP…

At first, I honestly thought nothing could possibly help the pain. As you get bigger, the pain tends to get worse. As you have hormone surges, the pain tends to get worse. I felt scared about what was to come. My physio gave me exercises to do, to help strengthen the area, daily pelvic floor exercises are a must! I also invested in a birthing exercise ball, which I got cheaply from amazon. When I get very uncomfortable, I go and sit on my ball for a while, it helps a lot. You can also do lots of the exercises from the ball.

Another helpful tip from the physio, was to sleep with two pillows between your legs so your hips are aligned better. I really struggle at night, I wake when I roll. But since using the pillows and a huge pregnancy pillow, most of the time things have improved!

My best friend however, is my wheat heat bag. This provides instant relief, in between pain killers or as an alternative to taking them.

Check out the Pelvic Partnership page. This has lots of information on regarding the condition. I found this website very helpful, pretty much anything I could think of, I could find on there.

My next blog post will be about our amazing baby moon…

Thank you so much for reading. If you have any advice for me on how to help with the PGP symptoms, please comment. I would love to hear from you!


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