And First Movements

Pregnancy Journey

One last adventure for the two of us, before our new adventure begins…


It was coming up to our first wedding anniversary and we weren’t sure how we wanted to mark the occasion. I was in my second trimester, but feeling quite good, so we decided to book a baby moon! We thought it would be a lovely way to celebrate our first anniversary, spending some quality time the two of us before baby arrives.

wedding dayGran Canaria

We didn’t have as much money as we would have liked to be splashing out on a romantic week away, but we found a lovely hotel in Gran Canaria to spend the week. I had been struggling at work in the heat, and we were booking for August, so we didn’t want to go somewhere that would be too hot. When we got there however, it was a mini heat wave and very hot! But, as I was lounging around the pool with all inclusive drinks, I loved it and didn’t find the heat too much.

baby moon pool

Quality time

Baby moons are a new thing, lots of people think their just a fad. But I loved this quality time together. What with being so busy at work and preparing for a baby, it was so nice to just stop for a week. We spent a lot of time on this holiday talking about the future and what was to come. It was lovely and I felt we left more excited than ever and that we had bonded more with bump.

I wasn’t very big before this holiday. People who knew me, knew I was pregnant, but others might have just thought I had eaten one too many cakes! I was at the really awkward stage, and felt very self conscious waddling around the pool in my, very tight, bikini (I hadn’t tried them on before going, and my boobs had almost trippled in size!). I feel like I popped a little bit towards the end of the week though, and managed to get a couple of baby moon bump pictures.

Baby moon bump  38808274_10155852037267153_2300683971807150080_n

Accepting my new body

I wasn’t sure if I was going to share these next two photos, at the time they were taken for mine and Mr Mitchells eyes only. I felt very self conscious of my changing body at this stage but I decided to go for it, this is real life! I’m no model, but this is my body carrying my baby and it’s an amazing pregnancy memory for me.

beach bump

pool bump

The scar in my belly button is from the surgery that allowed me to fall pregnant.

An anterior placenta

I had been waiting for the moment I would feel my little pea move for the first time. Each week that went by, I couldn’t help but worry a little bit, even though I had been told it was normal. I have an anterior placenta, which is when the placenta attaches to the front wall of the uterus. It’s completely normal and shouldn’t cause any major problems, but it does mask babies movements and often you feel baby move a lot later on, as it acts a bit like a cushion to babies kicks.

But… on my baby moon I felt little mans movements properly for the first time! It was lovely laying round the poolside feeling little nudges inside. What better way could there be to mark the occasion. Mr Mitchell couldn’t feel him move yet, but he enjoyed asking about him moving and knowing when he was. We noticed he prefered the evening time. Maybe he liked… or didn’t like, the entertainment! Mr Mitchell even played him some tunes to see if he liked them, it appeared to work! He’s a fan of disney and uplifiting English music already…



Thank you so much for reading. I would love to hear about your baby moons and your first movement stories.


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