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So I decided to write another list…

Having your first baby is definitely daunting, it’s definitely exciting and your definitely going to end up with way too many things! Especially if you’re like me… I love a list and love going shopping.

Initially I was a bit overwhelmed thinking about all the items I would need. So I decided to write a list early, so we could gradually purchase things spreading the cost before baby arrived. I split my list into two. One being the big baby buys and the other being the nitty gritty baby bits that we would need. This is the list I worked from, I hope it can be of help. I will review each of these items once my little man arrives.

the big buys

The Big Baby Buys:

  • Cot/Cot Bed + new mattress
  • Moses basket or bedside crib
  • Travel system
  • Car seat
  • Changing table
  • Nursing chair
  • Baby monitor
  • Steriliser
  • Group B Strep Test!
  • Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine (not an essential, personal choice

A Steriliser… tick box

Whether I decided to bottle feed, or breast feed, I knew we would need a steriliser to keep all of babies equipment clean and safe (I am planning on bottle feeding after the first 24 hour colostrum feeding). We decided to go for a Tommee Tippee starter kit from argos. This was a fantastic first purchase. It came with a steriliser, bottle warmer, insulated bottle bags, 8 bottles and a bunch of other bits pictured below.

starter kit

A Moses basket or bedside crib… tick boxtick box

For the first 6 months, the NHS recommends your baby sleeps in the same room as you, both in the day and night. So we decided we would need a moses basker or a bedside crib. I really liked the look of the co-sleeping cribs. It would mean baby was safe and easily accessible for those nighttime feeds and cuddles!

We decided to go for the Chicco Next 2 Me Crib. I loved the fact the sides were soft and it came with a travel bag. You can buy this from most baby retailers and if i’m perfectly honest, I cant remember where we got ours from! But I’ve linked Argos, as above. It goes really nicely with our bedroom decor. Although, I would suggest double checking the measurements as it’s bigger than I first expected.

Once our Next 2 Me arrived, we realised it was a lot heavier than we had first anticipated. I was worried about having to carry it downstairs everyday for baby to sleep in during the day. So we decided we would buy a cheap moses basket as well for the living room. This was a personal choice for an easier life, definitely not needed.

We went for the Cuggl moses basket in broderie anglaise from Argos, the the Cuggl wooden rocking stand.

A Travel System…tick box

When it came to a pram, I was a bit stuck. There are so many different types with so many different features…I was honestly lost. All I did know, is that I wanted a travel system that went through the ages and I wanted it to feel nice to push. We decided to go to a Mothercare expectant parents event, which was great. We had the opportunity to speak to the people there and try out lots of the prams. Both myself and Mr Mitchell fell in love with the Silver Cross Wayfarer Chelsea. What first attracted us to it was the unique colour and ease of adjusting the height of the handle. Mr Mitchell is 6ft 3… if we were both out for a walk, this would take seconds to adjust.

We were incredibly lucky that we went to the event. The pram was in a bundle at a discounted price and then we got our expectant parents event discount on top of that. We managed to get the lot for around half the sale price. Needless to say… we were very happy.

The bundle included: a carry cot with an overnight mattress, the seat, a hood and apron, a shopping basket and cup holder, a rain-cover, car seat adaptors, a car seat, foot muff, a matching changing bag and a luxury seat liner.

A Car Seat…tick box

So we managed to tick another item off our list with a car seat that can attach easily to the buggy.

A Cot/Cot bed and changing table + mattress…tick boxtick boxtick box

We decided we wanted to get a cot bed so that it lasted through the ages. We fell in love with the Atlas Convertible cot and toddle bed from Mammas and Pappas and there was a matching changing table. Perfect! We also got our mattress from Mammas and Pappas as well.

A Nursing Chair…tick box

I have always pictured those middle of the night cuddles and feeds snuggled up on a lovely chair in the nursery. So I was desperately trying to find a feeding chair that was super comfy and that would fit in his room (It’s not the biggest room!) We didn’t want to spend too much money, in case we didn’t use it and well to be honest, we had spent so much money already!

We were so lucky, we found this gorgeous feeding chair on the Facebook market place for £80! It’s in perfect condition and came with a lovely foot stall that rocks with the chair. It fits perfectly and finishes his room off nicely. (Sneak peak of the nursery theme… can you guess?!).

feeding chair

A Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machinetick box

Not an essential by any means! But a new item that seems to make life easier! One of my best friends has just had her first little boy and highly recommended this machine, especially for those nighttime feeds. The machine ensures bottles are the correct safe temperature in just 2 minutes. We were very lucky and was gifted ours by my parents.

perfect prep

Group B Strep Test…tick box

You may be wondering why this is on my big baby buys list, you may not even know what it is. But for me, this was as important to purchase, as any other item on the list above. 1 in 4 women carry Group B strep and can pass it onto their baby, this could seriously affect them. Testing for this can make a massive difference and help prevent complications. The NHS does not currently offer this test.

Please check out: today to find out more and order a test! £39.99 for awareness and peace of mind. I am currently waiting for mine to arrive and will devote a blog to strep b to raise awareness, talking about taking the test and my results.

NHS – Strep B 

A Baby Monitor

This is an item on our list that we have currently not ticked off! I will update this section once we decided which monitor we would like to get.

Thank you very much for reading my Big Baby Buys List. 

I will review each item once my little man is here.

I hope you come back to find out more about Group B Strep and whats on my nitty gritty baby buys list.


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