What’s in mine?

Pregnancy Journey

“Labour is the only blind date, where you know you’ll meet the love of your life”.

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write this for quite a while. I started writing my hospital bag list quite a while a go, and was pretty much packed by around 32 weeks pregnant. However, I kept getting things out, adding things to it and pretty much just rearranging it for the last few weeks. I have finally finished, zipped it up and it’s ready to go. Thankfully… as i’m being induced tomorrow.


I decided I would take a cabin sized suit case. One reason for this was, I knew I would probably end up packing way to much and at least it would all have a place to go. The other reason being, I thought it would be easier for Mr Mitchell to pull along, while he carries baby’s bag and his back pack. I could barley zip it up once I was finished, the temptation was there to take a full size suitcase! I know I probably wont use half of what I have in there, but at least I feel prepared.

I’m going to talk you though the different parts of my bag, and at the bottom of the blog I am just going to write a handy list of the things I have packed. Feel free to scroll past me wittering on, if you just want the list!

Handy little bags…

As you can see above, I bought some lovely little bags to help organise my things. I thought this way I would know what was in each bag, and so would Mr Mitchell (I have been through my bag with him so he knows where everything is!). I got these bags from amazon (link below).

One bag is my wash bag, which consists of any travel size toiletries I think I may need, before, during and after labour. Including Spritz for your bitz (having heard lots of recommendations for this product).

The other little bag is items I think I will need specifically during labour. I have a flannel, lip balm, deodorant wipes, deodorant, earplugs, eye mask, make up remover pads, hair bands and my portable phone charger. This little bag is going at the top of my bag.

The make up bag is not an essential by any means, but if I fancy freshening up afterwards its there. I would rather have it than not. I am also unsure of how long I will need to stay in hospital afterwards, due to my gestational diabetes and baby’s sugar levels (24 hours minimum). The gorgeous personalised bag is from @moniquemakes, an Instagram business.

Discrete packing…

I then packed all the lovely glamorous bits I will need post labour, during my hospital stay. I went for a discrete bag, so when I’m hobbling to and from the bathroom, I can keep the smallest amount of dignity… what am I kidding… that’s gone already and I haven’t even got there yet!

In this bag I have the essential big black pants (I bought mine two sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy size) maternity pads, breast pads, adult nappies, disposable knickers and a peri-bottle (travel bidet bottle). Lots of people have asked me what this is for, I think it’s much bigger in america. Its a handy shaped bottle so you can pour warm water on yourself when you wee. It’s meant to help prevent the stinging and keep any stitches clean etc. I have bought two bottles from amazon. One to take to the hospital and for my downstairs bathroom once home and one for my upstairs bathroom. A normal jug or something would probably do, but these have a handy spout to aim!



I’ve heard from lots of mummy’s there is a tendency, when in labour, to just strip down and get on with it! Well, if that’s how the mood takes me, great. However, I wanted options…

I used the largest of the see through make up bags to pack essential items I would need during labour. This consists of, a black nighty, a swim skirt (no crotch), fluffy socks, a thin dressing gown and a top for the pool. I also have some little slippers packed, if i’m moving around the hospital at all.

I have then packed a spare nighty, two nursing bras, a loose going home outfit, joggers and a top (in case i’m kept in) and two pairs of breast-feeding friendly pjs. I tried to go for darker colours…in case of… spillages! I love my boy mumma top from @moniquemakes! Ready to wear when I meet my son.

I have also packed a nice fluffy DARK towel.


The birthing environment…

When I originally thought about the type of birth I wanted to have, I went straight to a water-birth and this was my plan all along. It was suggested due to my severe pelvic girdle pain and it just seemed so peaceful. I wanted to be at the birthing centre, in the pool. Unfortunately, due to my gestational diabetes (I will need constant monitoring and potentially an insulin drip) and being induced, this probably wont happen, as I now need to give birth on the labour ward.

When I found this out, I was very disappointed. However, at my hypno-birthing class we learnt ways to make the hospital environment more relaxing and peaceful. I have purchased some colour changing LED candles (creates a lovely ambience) and downloaded peaceful mindful music to create a relaxed environment. I also have a TENs machine for pain relief and a spiky massage ball. All ideas to help remain as relaxed and calm as possible.


My not so little man, has been measured quite big due to my gestational diabetes, which is the main reason for my induction. I have been told it may take a few days for things to get moving along and I couldn’t physically fit anything else in my bag! Plus, who knows he might just slip right out… wishful thinking! But in case he doesn’t, I have made up some little spare clothes parcels and left them at home for Mr Mitchell to bring in and swap. Each little bag has a clean pair of knickers, socks and outfit ready to be bought in, if needed. There is also a spare pair of pjs ready and waiting. I honestly couldn’t trust Mr Mitchell to bring my in spare clothes on his own accord. I would probably end up with lacy knickers and my size 10 high waisted jeans!


and there is a light at the end of the sugar free tunnel…

A must have for all gestational diabetes mummy’s! Something you have really fancied for days, weeks … months and haven’t been able to have! I have packed myself a selection box of biscuits! I am literally dribbling thinking about tucking into them. There will br crumbs on the baby!


Well that’s pretty much it… that I can think off. I have everything but the kitchen sink and I am still panicking I have forgotten something. Below is the list I worked from when buying and packing my bag. I have linked anything I have purchased from amazon to make your shopping easier! The next time I write… I will be a Mummy! My little boy will be here!


Hospital Bag List:

(Bold list = link takes you to amazon item – please click)


instagramPlease check out my Instagram: mummymitchell18


isla_280x280.33919899_6uarc2ftIf you would like to order a personalised make up bag or top, head to: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MoniqueMakesUK

Or visit Monique Makes on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moniquemakes/ 

One thought on “What’s in mine?

  1. Great list!! The one thing I would recommend, too, is individually portioned honey straws. In Canada we can find them at Starbucks for tea. Those came in very handy as during labour my appetite completely vanished (clearly), but it was an easy way to get energy to continue with the labour.

    I was also induced (but for High Blood Pressure) and only needed the first dosage of gel before going into labour. It lasted 12 hours for me with nothing, then contractions for 10 hours and 20 minutes of pushing. I was very intimidated by the process and worried I wouldnt have the type of birth I wanted (I was with midwives and was hoping for an intervention free birth!) but it went well and I mostly was able to stick to my plan. I wish you the same!


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