Thomas John Mitchell

Pregnancy Journey

“9 months preparing…to fall in love for a lifetime”.

As many of you may know, I’ve had my beautiful baby boy Thomas John Mitchell. He was born on Wednesday 28th November, at 11:41am. Things didn’t go as planned, I guess they rarely do. It’s taken me a while to feel fully ready to share the whole story with you. It was 7 weeks ago now that my life changed forever, 7 weeks ago I became a mummy and 7 weeks ago I had my son.



At our 36 week growth scan little man was measuring rather large, due to gestational diabetes. He was estimated to be weighing 7lb 10z already and his tummy was very large! So the hospital decided to set my induction date for 38 weeks. I’m not going to lie, the nerves really set in. I had heard nothing but horror stories regarding induction. From the length of the labour, to the intensity of it. I started to feel very anxious, although also excited to be coming to the end of my pregnancy and to meet my long-awaited baby.


Day 1 of the rest of our lives…

Waking up on the morning of my induction day felt very strange. It was the last morning just the two of us in our house. When I arrived at the hospital, I snapped a last-minute bump picture (above). I couldn’t imagine not being pregnant anymore, not having my little man curled up safe inside me. I was monitored to check on baby and examined. I had already had two sweeps, but the midwife told me I was very unfavourable and to expect a long stay in hospital. I was really disappointed but also well prepared, we knew this could happen.

I was induced with a pessary around 9:30am, before heading down to the ward to set up camp for the week. The midwives encouraged going for walks to help bring on labour. However, it wasn’t the nicest of days, so Mr Mitchell set up the laptop and we decided to watch an episode of Suits, before heading out for a walk.


Beginning to get uncomfortable…

By lunch time I started to get lower back pain. I didn’t think much about this, as I had been suffering from pelvic girdle pain throughout my pregnancy. We decided to stay put for a while and try a walk again later, when my back pain had improved.

My back pain continued to get worse and more frequent. I joked to Mr Mitchell, that if contractions could be in your back, then I thought I was having them. Mr Mitchell rubbed my lower back to help and we let the midwives know, they didn’t seem to take me too seriously. They made me feel like I was imagining things as it was very soon after the induction and that it could only be very early stages.

As the day went on, my back pain was getting increasing painful. I started to panic, if this is very early stages how will I cope? The midwives gave me some paracetamol and told me to get some sleep. The paracetmol did absolutely nothing, so I decided to put my tenns machine on. Honestly, the tenns machine was the most amazing thing in those early stages (highly recommend). The midwives didn’t think much was happening and they suggested Mr Mitchell went home for some sleep. I really didn’t want him to go, I was in so much pain but thought to myself, if this is early stages…my god I will need him back when it’s worse.

All alone and feeling sick…

Once Mr Mitchell had left I tried to settle down, clinging to my tenns machine. I started to feel incredibly sick and had to rush to the bathroom, only just making it. Everytime I had a contraction, it made me sick. I felt so alone.

There goes my waters…

Then… my waters broke, only 20 minutes after Mr Mitchell had left! The pains intensified quickly and contractions started coming thick and fast. I text Mr Mitchell telling him I needed him back, I didn’t care if I was in the early stages, I was in too much pain. But it turns out, I was 4cm dilated and things were moving very quickly. Mr Mitchell made it back just in time to come with me to the labour ward. We were not expecting the induction to work so well.

Pain relief…

When I got to the labour ward I grabbed the gas and air, I was desperate for some relief. I continued using my tenns machine, as my contractions were most intense in my back. For the majority of my labour I stood up, leaning on the bed while holding Mr Mitchells hand. Within the next hour or so, I was around 6cm dilated.

No change…

I was re-examined a while later and there was no change. Half of my cervix was fully dilated and the other half was still only 6cm. Baby was back to back and in a very strange position, explaining the back contractions. My body was ready for him to be born. I was contracting well, so the drip wouldn’t help speed things along, the problem was babies position, he was stuck. I was in so much pain, so I asked for an epidural but the anesthetist was in surgery. I had to wait 3 hours.

I feel there is a pressure on women to give birth as naturally as possible. Even though I went into labour open-minded to all pain relief, I almost felt embarrassed or weak asking for one. I’ve never got this, if you broke your leg no one would think twice about pain relief. I’m so glad I asked for one… because once I’d had it, my god things changed and were far more manageable.

The waiting game…

The doctor decided to leave me a further hour to see if baby would naturally change position. During this hour my blood pressure started to rise and when examined babies head had started to swell. There had been no change and things were going downhill, so they decided I needed to have an emergency c-section.

When they told me I would be going for a c-section I didn’t expect for things to move so quickly, it’s all a bit of a blur. I remember them handing Mr Mitchell clothes to change into, I remember signing a form and being wheeled to surgery.


I was absolutely petrified and convinced I would feel them cut me open. The teams were amazing at calming me and preparing me for what was going to happen. It all happened so fast, within minutes my baby boy was pulled from me with a big cry and shown over the curtain. I couldn’t comprehend what had just happened, I made him, he was in me and now he was here after all that.


Everyone’s eyes changed…

He was whisked away to be seen to, I was so happy talking to Mr Mitchell, waiting for him to be bought back over to me for skin to skin. I had been waiting for that golden hour of skin to skin for so long. But something was wrong, the atmosphere in the room changed. I couldn’t see anything, but I also couldn’t hear anything, no baby crying. Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours. My baby wasn’t breathing.

The anesthetist was reassuring me smiling, but then his eyes changed, everyone’s eyes changed. Thats when I knew something was very wrong. I was scared and gripped hold of Mr Mitchells hand. I’ve never seen him look so scared either. The surgeons continued working on me like nothing was happening. They explained my placenta was hot, I had an infection and needed IV antibiotics straight away.

He saved his life…

Finally, Thomas cried, he was ok. I will never forget that sound. The doctor had to resuscitated him 3 times, he saved his life and for that I am forever grateful. He continued to check on him for a while, before bringing him over for a very quick cuddle. He was absolutely perfect and I felt overwhelming love for him. He was tiny, 7lb 2oz, not the massive baby they predicted. The anesthetist took some photos of us and then Thomas was taken away again. He needed to go to neonatal, so Mr Mitchell went with him. I was so thankful for these photos, they were much needed over the coming week.

Thomas was gone and so was Mr Mitchell, I felt so alone while they stitched me up, not knowing what was happening. I had waited so long for my baby, for that precious skin to skin contact, but he was nowhere to be seen. I felt lost.



Mr Mitchell came back to let me know what was going on. Thomas was ok but we both had an infection and both needed IV antibiotics. Thomas would need to stay in neonatal and I could go and visit him once I was strong enough. I can’t explain how I felt, I was so happy, I was finally a mummy. But so sad, I was very overwhelmed. That day truly changed my life forever.

Check out my next blog ~ Our first week as parents. This will talk about Thomas’ stay in neonatal, recovery and breastfeeding.


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