Breastfeeding Must Haves

breastfeeding, Must Haves

As I explained in my previous blog, I hadn’t planned on breastfeeding. I wasn’t prepared and I wasn’t really sure what I would need to make the experience more comfortable. Luckily, the comfy bras I had purchased during the later stages of pregnancy, were breastfeeding friendly. These provided easy access when feeding in hospital and I had also been ultra prepared for skin to skin contact, with button up nighties. However, once I got home, Amazon Prime became my best friend.

These are the items I used and loved, while breastfeeding Thomas.

1. Lansinoh’s Nipple Cream

Lansinoh’s HPA® Lanolin nipple cream was an absolute life savour. Especially when I was hand expressing colostrum, which was quite intense!

I used the cream on my nipples, after every single feed religiously. Now this may be coincidence, or it may be solely down to this nipple cream, but my nipples didn’t crack once, they weren’t sore and I was able to successfully breast feed, pain free.

Another great thing about this nipple cream, was that it saved my lips! My lips were so painfully dry post labour, thanks to the wonderful gas and air, they were very cracked and sore.

2. Lansinoh’s Breast Pads

Let’s face it, your boobs leak after having a baby! Initially, I had some Tommee Tippiee breast pads in my hospital bag and also tried Tescos owns ones. However, even though they did the job, I found the Lansinoh ones much better. Not only were they super absorbent, but they have two super sticky, non slip tapes to stick to the inside of your bra. This made such a difference to the comfort of wearing them and I didn’t have to worry about them slipping out of place.

The breast pads also came in individually wrapped little packets. This made them really handy to slip into the changing bag with my nipple cream. Perfect for when we were out and about.

3. Nursing Bras

During the first trimester, my cup size went up by 2! I purchased some maternity bras from Mothercare, with no underwire. These were so comfy! However, towards the end of my pregnancy I bought some comfy nursing bras from amazon, which were really reasonably priced.

I was going to be induced and there was the potential I would be in hospital for a while. I thought they would be comfortable and practical for skin to skin contact. They were very comfy and provided easy access for feeding. I ended up purchasing further pairs.

I struggled giving up wearing these bad boys, I wore them for weeks after I stopped breastfeeding!

4. Nursing Pillow

Now this has to be one of my favourite purchases, both for breast feeding… and life! I found breastfeeding hard on my back. So I ordered a cheap breast feeding pillow from amazon, to provide support and make the experience more comfortable.

This pillow is fab, there are so many uses for it. It’s become a permanent part of our furniture! The pillow was great when Thomas was struggling with a bit of reflux, we could prop him up, elevating him.

When Thomas was a bit bigger, we used the pillow during tummy time. I also love the pillow, when chilling on the sofa and snuggling!


6. Medela’s Swing Breast Pump

There is lots of advice about not pumping until your milk is fully established. However, due to little man being in neonatal and the way things were done, the hospital got me using there Medela hospital grade pumps to help with colostrum harvesting and milk production.

Once home we ordered Medela’s single swing breast pump. It was fantastic. I used this pump a lot as we were combination feeding. I would pump milk in between breastfeeds, which would mean some of his bottle feeds, that his Daddy often gave him, could be breast milk. We stored this milk in the Medela breast milk storage bags. This worked really well for us.

Breast Feeding Hoodie @StylishMum

My only reserve is, I purchased the single pump. I wish we had got the double one, purely to save on pumping time.

7. Burp Cloths and Muslins

You can never have enough muslin’s! From spit up to covering your modesty, there are so many uses. We have them dotted round the house as you never know when you may need one.

I hadn’t heard of the shoulder burp cloths before having Thomas, but I was gifted some at my baby shower. They are such a handy shape and I ended up tucking one under my boob and into my bra slightly, while breast feeding. This stopped any dribble or leaking making my bra wet and uncomfortable. They are much thicker than muslin’s.

8. Breast Feeding Apron

When I was breastfeeding in neonatal, it was very open and daunting. I was just getting to grips with it and felt very self conscious. I often had a screen up but the lady opposite me had a really handy breastfeeding apron. I of course had to have one and ordered as soon as I got home!

The apron was really handy as it made feeding discrete but didn’t get in the way. I was able to peak in and see Thomas when latching and he didn’t have a muslin covering his face. It also folded up very small making it great for the changing bag.



9. A Water Bottle

I would defiantly recommend getting a water bottle with a straw or easy access to drinking. You need to stay hydrated while breast feeding and having a straw made it so much easier.

Any will do, however I like my HydrateM8 water tracking bottle. I’m not the best at drinking enough and with this bottle I could see how much I had drunk and keep on top of it.

10. A Feeding Chair

Now this isn’t an essential, however it made feeding a much more comfortable experience.

We had already purchased a feeding chair for little mans nursery, we were lucky enough to find one in excellent condition on Facebook market place.

This chair will be used for years, I love snuggling with little man in it and rocking him when he’s upset.

Well that’s it! Those are my top 10 breastfeeding must haves.

I would love to hear what your feeding must haves are (breast or bottle) , in the comment section below.


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4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Must Haves

  1. Lansinoh all the way and never an imitation, there stuff is worth the money. And all the water yes yes!! I found shields were essential, they got me to six months somehow!


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