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Lets face it, you need to take a lot when travelling with a baby! It can be quite a daunting experience. To make the packing process easier, I decided to write a list and break it down into sections such as feeding, sleeping, clothing etc. Writing a list this way, made the packing process much easier and we didn’t forget anything!

I you would like to find out what we took with us and why, keep on reading. You can also see a copy of my list at the end of the blog.



First things first, babies need their own passport! To make things easier I found a shop where they took the passport photo for you and I have no idea how they got one with his eyes open, but they did! We had the photo taken when he was very little and he already looks completely different…but they last for 5 years, despite how much they change. You can order the passport online, which is quick than the paper form.



Thomas was just 5 months old, when we went away, so he was still bottle feeding. This meant we had to take everything we needed to sterilise and make up bottles, without our beloved Tommee Tippee machine. We took two boxes of formula and a fair few pre-made milk cartons for travelling and ease. We were also lucky enough that we were able to pay a little extra for some add ons. We reserved a steriliser and bottle warmer to be waiting for us, at the hotel. This was such a good add on, so defiantly check out what your hotel is able to offer before booking.

The most important thing to remember, is that if the tap water isn’t safe drinking water, you need to use boiled bottle water to make bottles up with. Make sure you also check the mineral content of the water. The NHS recommends it has less than 200mg a litre of sodium (also written as NA) and no more than 250mg a litre of sulphate (also written as SO4) To find out more click here.

We packed a flask and a bottle so that we were able to prepare the cooled, boiled water in advance. I was really worried about making them up before we went, but it made things really easy both out and about, and when in the room. We sort of reenacted the Tommee Tippee machine and put 2oz of pre boiled hot water with 4oz of pre boiled cool water. This made it perfect drinking temperature for little man.

If your breast feeding you will be able to pack much lighter! Think about things such as breast pumps, nipple shields etc. Make sure you check out your room facilities, if there is a fridge, this would be perfect for storing breast milk. Our room also had a small freezer compartment.



We were able to reserve a cot for our room, from the hotel. We also took some of Thomas’ cot bedding from home. That way, we had a spare and where he was sleeping also smelt familiar. If you aren’t able to reserve a cot, most airlines allow two additional checked in items, when travelling with a baby. This means you can take your own travel cot.


We decided we would also take our babysense breathing monitor. This is so light and easy to assemble, making it easy to travel with. I’m really glad we decided to take it, I wanted him to be as sad sleeping on holiday as he is at home. It defiantly gave us peace of mind while away.

Toiletries/ Changing

To save space and weight in the cases, we packed a lot of travel minis and put them in the hand luggage. You can find most toiletry items in minis, now a days. We also layered the bottom of each case with nappies to save space and created a changing station in our room, to make things easier.


We packed plenty and didn’t need to buy more when out there. I had a pack of Huggies little swimmers, swimming nappies and then I bough a couple of packs from Asda for only 2 pounds. You can also rinse them out if you wish and reuse.


The sun cream we chose for Thomas was Tescos’ sensitive. It has a 5star UV rating and we did a patch test before we went, to ensure Thomas’ didn’t react to it. He stayed in the shade the whole time, but we wanted him covered in it just in case.



Thomas was holiday ready with his UV sun swim suits, baby float and wet suit swim jacket! We wanted to make sure Thomas was as protected as he could be, so we also bought him sun hats, a buggy parasol and even a pair of baby sunglasses. I was surprised he actually kept the glasses on, but he seemed grateful for them (even in the shade) and they seemed comfy, with the soft band that went round his head. I found his sun glasses and the baby wet suit jacket, on ebay. I didn’t want to spend a fortune n something he would grow out of soon. The little jacket provides a little extra warmth for babies, while their in the pool.



When I first wrote my packing list Thomas’ wasn’t teething as much, so I did have to add on a few items. I made sure to bring our thermometer away with us just in case, along with any medicines he may need. I bought cal poly sachets to make them easier to carry around and his teething gel etc. We bought a bottle of Gripe Water at the Boots after security, just in case.



I wanted to make sure Thomas had enough teething toys and items to keep him entertained. The hand luggage case was, pretty much, half full of toys. We managed to fit his play mat in the buggy bag. This was so handy around the pool and back in the room. He was quite happy laying on a sun bed, in the shade and under his play arch.

For older children, there was a lot more for them to do such as the park and children’s club. But for younger children it’s important to pack something to keep them entertained, even if its just so you can have a relax on the sun bed!


When sopping for travel minis I found a travel clothing wash. This was a great find, as I was able to pack less and wash items as and when needed. I used this a few times and would defiantly recommend taking one, when travelling with children.


Before you go think about the weather of the place your going and make sure you take alternatives…just in case. I’m really glad I packed him some cardigans, a thicker blanket and his prams rain cover just in case, we used them all. You just never know!


For clothing, I tried to pack as lightly as I could and not go overboard. I packed rompers for during the day, as they keep him cool and look absolutely gorgeous! Then if he got chilly, I would put a vest under the romper or add a cardigan and socks. I also packed UV protection swim suits to make sure he was completely covered while in the pool.

For the evenings, I packed mainly dungarees and the odd cute shirt. Although some evenings, we just took him out in a baby grow and his sleeping bag, ready for bed.


I also packed a must have for any family holiday…matching outfits! I bought the boys some lovely matching swimming trunks and for myself I got a playsuit. I got these from Next and they were great fun to wear. Provided the perfect family picture for Thomas’ first holiday.


Thankfully, we had everything we needed while away. I was quite anxious before we left, in case I forgot anything. But everything went smoothly and was much easier than I thought. Below you can see a copy of the list I wrote.


Holiday packing list – Checked Luggage

Let me know in the comments section below, what your travel essential are? Have you taken something abroad that’s been a game changer?


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