Getting Weaning Ready


Get Weaning Ready with me…

On the build up to weaning, I couldn’t help but feeling quite anxious. As a first time mum, I didn’t really have a clue about how to wean or what to feed little man. I’ve always been someone who has struggled with food, i’m so fussy and I wanted to give Thomas’ the best start.

Don’t get me wrong, I was also really excited, it’s such a big step and its amazing watching them grow and explore new things. I’m definitely not an expert on food and nutrition, however I did my fair share of research before starting, and this is what we chose to do and why.

When to start…

There’s a great deal of emphasis based on when you should start weaning your baby, however the NHS recommends starting at around 6 months old and there is lots of talk about looking for signs your baby is ready, some seem to be ready sooner than others. Annabel Karmel suggests in her book ‘weaning’ that these are some signs to show baby is ready:

  • Showing interest in what your eating; reaching for it.
  • He may be hungrier, waking more in the night
  • Holding his head up; controlling movements.
  • Attempting to put things into his mouth.
  • Making chewing motions
  • Chewing on his fingers or fists

2019-05-28 081661303000224743698..jpg

To be completely honest, it is very obvious with some babies, but I had no idea really. Thomas met some of the ‘signs’ but had also been doing them for ages, and didn’t show any interest in food what so ever. We decided to wait until 6 months, and then to wait for the weekend, so Mr Mitchell could be there, and just see what he would do when offered it. I wasn’t too fussed if he wasn’t interested, we would just wait. But it turns out he was.

How to wean…

We decided to do a mixture of traditional weaning and baby led weaning, offering puree, followed by finger foods to explore. We also wanted to stick to vegetables, for Thomas’ first tastes, before offering sweeter things.

“When babies start on solid foods their palates are super receptive to new flavours. So if they taste veg at the very start, they can learn to love all the different veggie tastes and textures, that will last them a lifetime” Ella’s Kitchen. I mean, I would turn my nose up at broccoli, if I could have apple.

At the start of weaning, they only need a small amount of food as well as their usual milk. Weaning at this stage, is just about getting used to new tastes and textures, exploring solid foods and learning to swallow them. Most of their nutrients will still be coming from their milk.

We introduced a new flavour every 2 days for the first 2 weeks, before moving onto combinations. They say it can take up to 10 tries before a baby likes a new taste. So if they don’t seem to like something, don’t give up straight away, try again.



Weaning must haves…

Now this was the fun part… shopping!

We were lucky enough to be gifted a lovely highchair at our baby shower, from Thomas’ Great Grandparents. So we have used this right from the beginning, getting Thomas used to it slowly, before weaning began. But you can feed baby where ever their most comfortable. I’ve seen lots of people start weaning in their bouncers or walkers.

  • Ice Cube Trays – I decided to get some ice cube trays, to freeze portions of pre-made puree. I went for ice cube trays as they’re much cheaper than ‘weaning’ trays and of course, we can use them for ice after! I chose the ones below from amazon, as they came with lids and a silicone bottom, to make things easier. I’ve been using 2 ice cubes, per meal, so far.
  • Sandwich Bags – you can never have too many sandwich bags, the uses seem to be endless. I’ve been using them to store the frozen ice cubes in and for keeping things clean in the changing bag.


  • Spoons – I chose matching spoons, also from Mothercare (£3.00). These are brilliant as when you put them down, the shape means the end of the spoon stays in the air, keeping it clean.


  • Food storage pots – We have the Philips, Avent baby food pots, which are brilliant. They can be frozen and go in the microwave. I have been using them for out and about, the seal is great, so far no leaks.


  • Bibs – you need a lot of bibs… I got a pack of 3, brightly coloured, fruit ones from mother care. I’ve also got tonnes of soft bibs and I’ve just ordered 3 long sleeved, waterproof, apron type things. Weaning is definitely a messy business.


  • Flannels – Initially, I was using baby wipes to wipe Thomas’ face while feeding. But we were getting through so many, it was such a waste and I was worried it would irritate Thomas’ skin. I decided to buy a pack of flannels from Primark, 3 for £1.50. These work much better at removing mess from his face and hands, they are also much softer.


  • A Flask – You can buy food flasks to keep food warm, while out and about, which I may get when hes a bit older. But I’ve been using my usual 500ml Chilly flask (which I love! It has daisy’s on it) that I use to warm Thomas’ bottles when out, to warm up his food. I just pop the food pots in the hot water and it’s worked perfectly.


  • A Lunch box – This is a little extra bit, that I enjoyed buying for him! I bought Thomas a little dinosaur lunch box, so that all his bits and pieces would be kept together and clean when out and about. I also pop an ice pack in there, to keep things fresh.


The NHS also recommends introducing a cup at 6 months and offering water at meal times. Under 6 months, tap water needs to be boiled and cooled before offering to a baby. However, water for babies over 6 month, can come straight from the tap (it doesn’t need boiling). However, when I first introduced water, I did boil and cool it.

We started offering Thomas water, with each meal, in a Tommee Tippee, free flow, first cup.


I hope you found this helpful. I would love to hear what your weaning must haves are. Let me know in the comments section below.

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11 thoughts on “Getting Weaning Ready

  1. I remember the weaning process and was also anxious. Fab read and very helpful.

    My little boy is nearly 10 months old now and I never thought i would have so much joy, watching him eat a yorkshire pudding. He rips it with his bottom teeth and chomps down on it haha!


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