To start with, babies only need a small amount of solid food. To begin with, I introduced Thomas to a new flavour, every other day. He took to food really well and was soon ready to move onto two meals a day. I then gradually began introducing a variety of different food groups and combinations of flavours.

Introducing Combinations

The first flavours I mixed were carrot (a firm favourite) and sweet potato. I wanted to start including foods from essential food groups at each meal. I try to always include a vegetable and a starchy food (carb) for his main, followed by a fruit or fat (natural yogurt) for pudding.



These are some of the combinations Thomas has tried so far and enjoyed.

  • Carrot & Sweet Potato
  • Potato & Pea
  • Aubergine & Potato
  • Broccoli, Cauliflower & Potato
  • Butternut Squash & Parsnip
  • Pear & Apple
  • Natural yogurt and blueberries


I have recently begun to introduce protein into Thomas diet. He has tried scrambled egg, turkey and chickpeas. All of which work really well combined with other flavours. When I introduce a new flavour, I only introduce one new favour at a time with tried and tested foods. That way I will be aware of any allergies (so far, so good).

My First Flavours

We’ve been tracking little mans weaning journey on these personalised charts, from @myfirstflavours. I’ve been able to keep track of the combinations he’s tried and enjoyed. You could also use these charts to plan meals.



Thomas is doing so well with weaning and I think we’re both really enjoying the experience. Meal times have become one of my favourite times of the day. A chance to sit together and explore new things.

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I would love to hear what your little ones favourite meals are? How did you go about introducing different food groups?

Let me know in the comments section below.




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