For One Year Olds


One of the most amazing things about being a parent, is being able share and create wonderful memories with your children. A Christmas Eve box is something I’ve only recently come across, a relatively new tradition, that I’ve been excited to try out with my little man, this year. I’ve put together a beautiful box, filled with excitement, that we will open together on Christmas Eve. If your thinking of creating a Christmas Eve Box, check out how I put mine together, below.

The Box*

The first step to creating a perfect Christmas Eve Box, is to choose how you wish to put together your items. I decided to go for this beautiful, traditional Christmas Eve Box, from EdgeInspired. The gorgeous, wooden design, can be personalised and enjoyed for years to come.I love how this design comes with a lid, keeping the magic a surprise, until little man opens it up. His own Christmas treasure trove.

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Christmas Pyjamas

An essential part of every Christmas Eve box! Little man can pop these on while he enjoys the contents of his Christmas Eve Box. I managed to find this lovely Santa Set on Ebay! You can find some fantastic items, in brilliant condition, on there. Saving you lots of pennies!You don’t have to choose Christmas themed Pjs either, if you want to get more wear out of them. Nothing beats a fresh new pair of PJs!

A Stocking*

As this is our first year creating a Christmas Eve box, I wanted to include a stocking for little man, to hang ready for Father Christmas! One that he can get out, year after year.This lovely Red Reindeer Christmas Stocking is from Dibor. We’ve had it personalised, to make it even more special.

A Decoration

When thinking about what to include in little man’s Christmas Eve Box, I wanted to include items that would become our own tradition. One of which, I thought could be, a new tree decoration each year.This year I had a bauble made, with Thomas’ handprint on. Popolo Ceramico came to one of the baby classes I attend and little man managed to to sit still for long enough, to create this beautiful design! It will look perfect on our tree and we can always remember how teeny his hands were!

A Christmas Story*

I’ve always been an advocate for the importance of reading with children. Especially, because of the one-on-one down time sharing a story provides.I decided I wanted to include a new story to share together, each year, in little man’s Christmas Eve Box. So that once he’s got his Chrisrmas pjs on, hung his stocking and left his treats for Father Christmas, we can head to bed, snuggle up and share a Christmas Story.The book I chose for this years box is, Goodnight Santa. It’s a magical Christmas story, about a little girl who dreams of meeting Santa on Christmas Eve. The illustrations in this story are so very lovely, it makes the perfect Christmas Eve book to share.

A Treat for Father Christmas

The excitement of waiting for Father Christmas to come, is so very magical. I’ve included this lovely, hand painted, Christmas Eve plate from Cats Plates for all Occasions, in little mans box.He can leave his treats out for Father Christmas on this, before heading up to bed. I was able to personalise this plate, from the writing to the picture, creating it to be exactly how I wanted it.

Christmas Day Outfit

Now I don’t know about you, but I love getting dressed up ready for Christmas! I’ve decided to include an outfit for Christmas day in little mans Christmas Eve Box, so he’s Christmas ready for the morning!I got this lovely reindeer outfit, vest and Christmas Jumper from Tescos, f&f clothing. They are so sweet!

Christmas Dinner

Last but not least, I picked up a Christmas dinner plate and bowl from Home Bargains. This year will be little mans first Christmas Dinner and these we’re such a good bargain it would be rude not too! They are so cute and I can’t wait to get them out yearly.

So that’s everything in little man’s Christmas Eve Box this year! I hope it’s given you some ideas for making up your own.

Some ideas for next years box are: a magic key for Father Christmas, a Christmas DVD, Reindeer hot chocolate, a Christmas cup and some christmas chocolates!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,


*Some items in this blog were gifted to me for review. They have been marked with an *. However, all content and opinions are that of my own.