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Right that’s it… it’s almost mid December and Christmas preparations are in full swing. This may mean some of you are entering the stage of panic. If your not the type of person to have everything wrapped up by December the 1st, you may be starting to get your Christmas shopping done now.

Each year I end up spending ages trying to think of gift ideas. I often end up panic buying items at the last minute and regretting it afterwards. So this year, I wanted to do something a little bit different. Choosing gifts that people wouldn’t just open and pop in the cupboard… probably never to look at or use again. But practical gifts, that would be used and loved for days, weeks and even years, if i’m lucky. Items that may not initially spring to mind, but will nevertheless bring a bit of joy, to the everyday.

1. Reusable Mugs

Who doesn’t like a nice cuppa at some point during the day? Reusable/travel mugs are becoming more and more popular as the love of a hot drink continues to grow and we try to cut down on the use of single-use plastics.

You can build around this gift idea if you wish, adding the mug to a hamper of goodies such as special teas/ coffees and tasty treats. Or, treat them to a Costa Coffee gift card!

Above are a couple of mugs that I have come across recently, but you can find lovely, reusable mugs, in many places. I found the pink floral one on Amazon, from Cambridge. The lovely personalised ones from Not on the High Street. and the last design is a sophisticated one from ecoffee cup.

2. A Calendar*

I absolutely love starting the new year with a fresh Calendar. Go for one with a little something extra! One that is not only great for staying organised, but is also stylish and fun. After all, you look at them every day!

I love the Family Home Planner from Boxclever Press* It’s got such a pretty design and with a unique 16 month layout, it’s perfect for organising a busy family. The calendar also comes with some cute reminder stickers and a helpful storage pocket.

Boxclever Press

3. A Glasses Case

What better way to keep your glasses scratch free, than with a pretty glasses case. An ideal gift, that will make you smile, day to day. You can get some beautiful designs, compared to the standard ones you get from the opticians. This floral case is from Cath Kidson and comes with a handy zip and cleaning cloth.

glasses case

4. A Weekend Bag*

Know someone whose travelling over the Christmas period or who likes to take a weekend break? A lovely weekend bag would make the perfect gift for them. This Astrid Flower weekend bag is the perfect size for weekends away, gym trips or even a luxury changing bag!

5. Reusable Shopping Bags

Know someone who loves to shop? Why not gift them a stylish reusable shopping bag! Much like the reusable travel mugs, these shoppers are becoming increasingly fashionable. Not only are they super handy and look fab, they’re helping to cut down on our plastic bag usage.


6. A Lanyard

This gorgeous, Midnight Star print, lanyardmakes the perfect work accessory. If just adds a little something to your work attire, a personal touch. This would be perfect for someone who has to carry their ID, pass or keys with them daily.

7. A Woolen Hat

A good woolen hat is a must have for any winter wardrobe. I’ve picked these gorgeous beanie hats up from Mountain Warehouse so my mother and mother-in-law can keep warm, snug and stylish in thr colder weather.

9. A Notebook

As a self confessed lover of lists… I have to say, you can never have enough notebooks! From jotting down important ideas, to making lists and plans, notebooks can be used daily. So why not have one that makes you smile.

10. A Baking Tin*

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked mince pies and gingerbread men at Christmas! This beautiful Nordic Baking Tin makes the perfect festive gift, keeping all your sweet treats fresh! Why not make some homemade, festive treats, to go along with it?

So that concludes my Practical Gift Guide, 2019. I hope these ideas help you to make someone’s Christmas special, this year.

If you have any practical gift ideas, please share in the comments section below!Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,

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*Some items in this blog were gifted to me for review. They have been marked with an *. However, all content and opinions are that of my own.

For One Year Olds


One of the most amazing things about being a parent, is being able share and create wonderful memories with your children. A Christmas Eve box is something I’ve only recently come across, a relatively new tradition, that I’ve been excited to try out with my little man, this year. I’ve put together a beautiful box, filled with excitement, that we will open together on Christmas Eve. If your thinking of creating a Christmas Eve Box, check out how I put mine together, below.

The Box*

The first step to creating a perfect Christmas Eve Box, is to choose how you wish to put together your items. I decided to go for this beautiful, traditional Christmas Eve Box, from EdgeInspired. The gorgeous, wooden design, can be personalised and enjoyed for years to come.I love how this design comes with a lid, keeping the magic a surprise, until little man opens it up. His own Christmas treasure trove.

Discount code: MUMMYMITCHELL2019 for 10% off

Christmas Pyjamas

An essential part of every Christmas Eve box! Little man can pop these on while he enjoys the contents of his Christmas Eve Box. I managed to find this lovely Santa Set on Ebay! You can find some fantastic items, in brilliant condition, on there. Saving you lots of pennies!You don’t have to choose Christmas themed Pjs either, if you want to get more wear out of them. Nothing beats a fresh new pair of PJs!

A Stocking*

As this is our first year creating a Christmas Eve box, I wanted to include a stocking for little man, to hang ready for Father Christmas! One that he can get out, year after year.This lovely Red Reindeer Christmas Stocking is from Dibor. We’ve had it personalised, to make it even more special.

A Decoration

When thinking about what to include in little man’s Christmas Eve Box, I wanted to include items that would become our own tradition. One of which, I thought could be, a new tree decoration each year.This year I had a bauble made, with Thomas’ handprint on. Popolo Ceramico came to one of the baby classes I attend and little man managed to to sit still for long enough, to create this beautiful design! It will look perfect on our tree and we can always remember how teeny his hands were!

A Christmas Story*

I’ve always been an advocate for the importance of reading with children. Especially, because of the one-on-one down time sharing a story provides.I decided I wanted to include a new story to share together, each year, in little man’s Christmas Eve Box. So that once he’s got his Chrisrmas pjs on, hung his stocking and left his treats for Father Christmas, we can head to bed, snuggle up and share a Christmas Story.The book I chose for this years box is, Goodnight Santa. It’s a magical Christmas story, about a little girl who dreams of meeting Santa on Christmas Eve. The illustrations in this story are so very lovely, it makes the perfect Christmas Eve book to share.

A Treat for Father Christmas

The excitement of waiting for Father Christmas to come, is so very magical. I’ve included this lovely, hand painted, Christmas Eve plate from Cats Plates for all Occasions, in little mans box.He can leave his treats out for Father Christmas on this, before heading up to bed. I was able to personalise this plate, from the writing to the picture, creating it to be exactly how I wanted it.

Christmas Day Outfit

Now I don’t know about you, but I love getting dressed up ready for Christmas! I’ve decided to include an outfit for Christmas day in little mans Christmas Eve Box, so he’s Christmas ready for the morning!I got this lovely reindeer outfit, vest and Christmas Jumper from Tescos, f&f clothing. They are so sweet!

Christmas Dinner

Last but not least, I picked up a Christmas dinner plate and bowl from Home Bargains. This year will be little mans first Christmas Dinner and these we’re such a good bargain it would be rude not too! They are so cute and I can’t wait to get them out yearly.

So that’s everything in little man’s Christmas Eve Box this year! I hope it’s given you some ideas for making up your own.

Some ideas for next years box are: a magic key for Father Christmas, a Christmas DVD, Reindeer hot chocolate, a Christmas cup and some christmas chocolates!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,


*Some items in this blog were gifted to me for review. They have been marked with an *. However, all content and opinions are that of my own.

A Gift from the Gods this Christmas

Christmas, Gift Guide

Nothing says tradition quite like a stocking to open on Christmas morning. However, thinking of items to include, can often cause quite a dilema. A stocking can set the mood for the day, so I’ve created a list of stocking stuffers for her, to help you ensure, she feels like a goddess this Christmas!



Loungewear is always a fantastic place to start when looking for the perfect stocking stuffer! Christmas is all about being cosy and spending time with your family and friends. What better way to do this, than being all snuggled up in some stylish loungewear.

This Love Print Pyjama set makes the perfect choice, being both comfortable and relaxed, yet stylish and flattering.


Now who doesn’t love a nice pen? To pop down those all important thoughts, or if you’re like myself, to write a good list. Yes? Then the Calligraphy & Hearts Pink Pen will make the perfect addition to any stationary collection and therefore, a fabulous addition to any stocking.

instasize_1910161430513827631935181393510.pngNotebooks and Journals

Carrying on with the stationary theme, why not include a fashionable notebook? to make the perfect accompaniment to the ballpoint pen. Or a Journal, to her get organised, for the new year.


Get your Christmas morning goddess on, with a morning cuppa in a new bone china mug! Start the day as your mean to go on, warm and fuzzy!

Cosmetic Bags

A cosmetic bag is a great stocking stuffer, as it can be used is many ways, the limit is your imagination! Here’s a few ideas: a make up bag, a wash bag, a pencil case, a travel accessory, a place to keep your personal items, a handbag organiser, or even for Mum’s stuff, in the changing bag!


Keyrings make the perefect accessories, especially if their brightly coloured tassels! Add a beautiful keychain to your stocking this year and #tasselup.

It’s always lovely to pop a smile on her face, especially at Christmas. Why not add a little something special to her stocking, and include a dusky pink leather bracelet, that will finish off her Christmas outfit perfectly this year.

So that concludes my Stocking Stuffers Gift List for Her, 2019. I hope these ideas, help you, to make someone feel like a Goddess this Christmas!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,



The items in this blog were previously gifted to me from A Gift from the Gods. However, all content and opinions are that of my own.

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