Baby Moons and First Movements

One last adventure for the two of us, before our new adventure begins…


It was coming up to our first wedding anniversary and we weren’t sure how we wanted to mark the occasion. I was in my second trimester, but feeling quite good, so we decided to book a baby moon! We thought it would be a lovely way to celebrate our first anniversary, spending some quality time the two of us before baby arrives.

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Remembering the second trimester.

Suddenly, you were my everything!

The first trimester was hard and as I moved into the second trimester, I noticed a massive difference in how I was feeling. I felt more like me, the old, non pregnant me. In fact, apart from my lower back and hip aching at the end of a long day, I don’t think I had many symptoms at all, to start with.

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Gender reveal!

Pink or blue?

Since myself and Mr Mitchell have been together, we had always talked about having a family. We were both so over the moon to be expecting our pea, we didn’t mind if they were a boy or girl. Many people asked if we had a preference, and the truth is I didn’t. I just wanted our baby to be healthy. However, I had always imagined my first child being a boy.

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Our pregnancy announcement


Deciding how to share our news was incredibly exciting. We decided after our private scan, at 7 weeks, that we were ready to tell our parents they were going to be grandparents!  I found some lovely mugs with Nan and Granddad on and we surprised them with them. I was so excited to share our news, but also nervous. It started to feel very real and I knew we still had a little way to go before we were out of the first trimester. But they are our nearest and dearest, and we wanted to share our journey with them. I will never forget their faces, I don’t think they were expecting it and we couldn’t have asked for a better response. I loved showing them the picture of our little pea, even if I did have to show my Dad which part was which!

Nan and Grandad

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Remembering the first trimester…

Growing a tiny human is exhausting!

12 precious weeks.

It feels like I’ve been pregnant for years…and yet at the same time it still feels like only yesterday we got that positive pregnancy test. Most people who don’t know me and are reading this (if that’s anyone apart from me!), will probably think I’m just starting my pregnancy, having only just started my blog. In fact, I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant and taking this chance to remember the journey I’ve come along. I’m trying to catch up before my baby arrives.

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My Big Fat Positive!

“I’m having a baby!”

It was month 5 of our TTC journey when me and Mr Mitchell decided to go away for valentines day. It was a good opportunity to talk through our plans. Originally we had decided we would have a month off over March. Neither of us thought a December baby would be practical and to be honest, I think we both needed a break from the disappointment.

While we were away, we decided we would continue trying. Both of us wanted a baby more than we didn’t want our Christmas plans being disturbed or the babies birthday to be close to Christmas. Sometimes I think and plan too much. It felt silly to miss out on a month trying, when this could be the month.  Mr Mitchell told me, “if it happens, it happens and it was meant to be”. So we left it like that.

Valentines 2017

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My TTC Journey

Just a girl who decided to go for it.  

Deciding to try for a baby is one of the most exciting yet daunting experiences you will ever go through. Are you ever truly ready? Probably not. Myself and Mr Mitchell decided to start trying for our first baby in September 2017, after I had surgery to remove my endometriosis. We were told that if we wanted a family it may not be as easy as we would like it to be, and that the greatest chance of conception was now. Post-surgery and young. Since meeting we both shared the same dream, that our future would involve a family. Mr Mitchell was especially keen to have a baby. In fact, he was ready before I was to start this journey.  So, we decided to go for it.

Engagement Photo Shoot

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Welcome to my blog!

So, I decided to start a blog. Another mum blog to be precise, apologies in advance!

My name is Emma Mitchell and since trying to conceive my first baby I have noticed that conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood seems to be a world of its own! A world, I currently know barley anything about and am venturing into for the first time. Pretty much alone may I add, apart from my wonderful Mr Mitchell. I thought through starting this blog I could document my journey, write about my personal experiences and if I happen to be able to help any other mums, or dads, along the way then great! Almost a diary if you like, with a goal in mind.

Mr & Mrs Mitchell

I live on the South Coast in a seaside town, not as picturesque as it sounds mind you, but it’s been my home since I was born, and I love living here. I live with Mr Mitchell and we are currently expecting our first baby, due on the 9th of December, 2018. Exciting times ahead, I hope to document in this blog.


I love all things baby related, but I also have a lifelong love of making lists! So, I plan to include any tips I find, organisational hacks and most likely the odd list in my blog as well!


I hope you continue to read my blog…


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