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1 in 4 women carry Group B Strep during pregnancy without knowing. Testing can make all the difference (Strepelle, 2018).

Before my friend fell pregnant, I had never heard of Group B Strep. I remember the sheer panic when she got a positive test result back. She was sure her baby was going to die or be incredibly poorly. Like myself, before falling pregnant, she had never heard about Group B Strep and didn’t understand much about it. Luckily she tested, she got her results, antibiotics were given and her baby was absolutely fine! I knew then, that when I fell pregnant, testing would be on my essential baby buys list! When I started to blog, I wanted to raise awareness of the importance of testing.

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Pregnancy Journey

Look at all the food…I can’t eat…

Asides from my severe pelvic girdle pain, my pregnancy was going quite smoothly. At my first antenatal appointment (booking in appointment) I was considered a very low risk pregnancy and not at an increased risk of gestational diabetes (something I hadn’t heard of before). So that was that, or so I thought…